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"Flooring is more than just a functional aspect of your home or business—it's a statement of style and comfort. At GREGCO, we specialize in a range of flooring services, including LVT, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and carpet, ensuring each project is a perfect fusion of durability and design."

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Diverse Flooring Types:

    • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile): “Combine the beauty of hardwood with the resilience of vinyl for a stunning, low-maintenance flooring solution.”
    • Hardwood: “Timeless and elegant, our hardwood floors offer natural beauty and longevity.”
    • Laminate: “Get the look of real wood or stone at a fraction of the cost with our durable, easy-to-maintain laminate flooring.”
    • Vinyl: “Versatile and waterproof, vinyl flooring is ideal for areas prone to moisture.”
    • Carpet: “Add warmth and comfort to your space with our range of high-quality carpets.”

Customization and Eco-Friendly Options

  • Personalized Designs: “We offer custom patterns and inlays to create a unique flooring experience tailored to your taste. From intricate designs to simple elegance, our team can bring any vision to life.”
  • Sustainable Choices: “Committed to the environment, we provide eco-friendly flooring materials, ensuring your project aligns with sustainable practices.

Why Choose GREGCO for Your Flooring Needs

Expert Installation

Our team of skilled professionals ensures impeccable installation, guaranteeing a seamless and lasting finish.

Quality and Variety

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of quality materials, catering to diverse styles and functional needs.

Customer-Centric Approach:

At GREGCO, we listen to your ideas and preferences, providing personalized solutions for your flooring project.

Showcase of Our Flooring Projects

Your Flooring Questions, Answered

Is professional installation necessary, or can I install flooring myself?

It depends on the type of flooring. Some materials, like laminate or vinyl planks, are designed for DIY installation. However, others, like hardwood or tile, often benefit from professional installation to ensure proper fitting and longevity.


What factors affect the cost of flooring installation?

The type of flooring, the size of the area, any required subfloor preparation, and the complexity of the installation process can all influence the cost. Additionally, labor costs in your region play a role.


How do I choose the right flooring material for my space?

Consider the room's purpose, traffic level, and your style preferences. Different materials like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet have unique characteristics suited for various environments.



How can I maintain and care for my new floors?

Maintenance depends on the flooring material. Generally, regular cleaning, avoiding excessive moisture, using appropriate cleaning products, and addressing spills promptly contribute to floor longevity. Specific care instructions vary, so it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines.


Satisfied Clients

Stephanie Hunter​
Stephanie Hunter​
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I had an excellent experience with Gregco, thanks to Hector, the project manager. Hector was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout my project, and he was especially skilled at working with my insurance company.
Trent Webb
Trent Webb
Read More
Greg did the framing and drywall for my new place. They came in and got after it. Good quality too
Daniel Deboer
Daniel Deboer
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Hector and his team are outstanding! Good quality work, and has been able to meet all my needs on our house build! If you want a good contractor contact GREGCO..
Ted Ware
Ted Ware
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Grego built our new bank branch in Rock Springs three years ago. He did a great job. The building is beautiful and functions well. I am happy with his work and would use his services again.
Carmen Torres
Carmen Torres
Read More
I hired Gregco to do my driveway and they did an awesome job. When I found out they also do roof repair and house painting, I asked them for a quote. I wanted to change the color of my house from yellow to greige. They gave me a fair price and a realistic timeline.

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